Who is GIFTED?

Welcome!!!  I go by the name Gifted also known as GEEBEE !! Born in the early 90’s in the heart of New York City currently in the sunshine state of FL! Everyday I try to remind  myself and others that Life is a blessing!! We've  came this far , so stopping or slowing down is not an option!

Being “Gifted” has truly helped me not only change my life but make a HUGE impact for the ones that support me! Being a Barber for 5+ years has truly put me in a position to become a Provider mentally & spiritually for others. The more I study & learn about the universe, the clearer blessings begin to flow into my life!

Waving is not only my therapy, but also a strategy/lifestyle to becoming a better person! Blessed to be in this position & This has truly become my 2nd Passion! So as you guys know, I love everyone!! I’m here to show you every step of my journey & this is just the beginning! Take the good with the bad & the bad with the good & ALWAYS remember Life is a Gift so cherish it!

Love you guys and I will continue to hustle and motivate as I lead by example that YOU too are GIFTED. Thanks for the support & to one day meet you all !